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Steven Yeun, aka Glenn, AMAA on reddit

What I love about Glenn on the Walking Dead is that he’s an Asian guy who isn’t a nerd or a martial arts master. He was just a pizza delivery guy before everything went crazy, and it was a pleasant surprise to see Steven Yeun’s (the actor who plays Glenn) AMAA on reddit. Steven Yeun, … Continue reading »

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Low-tech sets on Star Trek TOS

I’ve been watching some of the first episodes of Star Trek TOS on Netflix, and it’s amazing to see the difference between the sets of a 60s tv show and the razzle dazzle CGI effects of the present day movie reboot. On TOS (The Original Series) episodes, the viewscreens around the captain’s deck are made … Continue reading »

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Season Finale of The Sarah Connor Chronicles

The season finale of season 2 of The Sarah Connor Chronicles had two memorable scenes for me which involved John Connor. The first scene was John’s intimate scene with Cameron. The setup of Cameron taking off her top and bra so that John can find out more about her played with the cliches of coming … Continue reading »

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You’re fatally flawed, but you have a heart

That’s how Hank’s daughter describes him in the final episode of Season 1 of Californication, and that’s a big reason why I love watching the train wreck of his life.

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Dick-punched by Californication

I watched the first half of the season 1 of Californication yesterday night, and I found it very entertaining. Jennifer found it less so, but I can understand that given the frankness and “depravity” of the subject material. There are so many beautiful topless women in that show that one grows desensitized. The wastrel life … Continue reading »

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Summer Glau – Even a Terminator can dance

It was funny to see how the writers incorporated Summer Glau’s ballet dancing background into her role as a Terminator in the show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It turns out that Cameron (Summer Glau’s character) has to track down a Russian who took the Turk, and it just so happens his sister is a … Continue reading »

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