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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Sony PS3 and STR-DG910 7.1 purchased today

I purchased a Sony PS3 today because there was a great deal through Amazon to purchase the PS3 along with 8 free DVDs for $479.15 shipped. I also ordered a STR-DG910 7.1 which has 3 HDMI inputs. What’s great about this receiver is that it can take all the HDMI, composite, and component inputs and … Continue reading »

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Vanilla Bicycles – Steampunk Aesthetic

Vanilla Bicycles – Steampunk Aesthetic If there’s a bicycle manufacturer with a steampunk aesthetic, it’s undoubtedly Vanilla Bicycles. From their lugs to their polished “V” dropouts, there’s a classic individuality to their bikes that’s so refreshing to the cold, high-tech look of many of the bikes for sale today. Too bad as of February 2007 … Continue reading »

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Gonzo Gone

I thought Bush was going to keep Gonzales around because of his loyalty, and because Bush didn’t give a damn what others thought. Well, today, Alberto announced his resignation. With Rove gone too, it’s looking a little more lonely at the top.

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