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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Removed tape from empennage of Fik 100

I put some Fast-Pack tape on the empennage of the Fik 100 and it made the plane very tail heavy. Between the weight of the tape, and I’m assuming a worse airfoil created by the tape over the empennage, the plane flew very tail heavy. After the removal of the tape, the plane flew much … Continue reading »

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Watched Cloverfield through XBox Live download

I watched Cloverfield via an XBox Live download yesterday. The cost was 320 points for a normal download and 480 points for a HD download (at $20 for 1600 points this comes out to $4 for the normal download and  $5 for the HD download). I decided to pay for the less expensive version since … Continue reading »

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Fik 100 with tape

I covered the wing of my Fik 100 with tape last night (red and orange on the bottom and yellow on top), and it looked very nice on its morning flight today. The tape isn’t super-tight, but it sticks on fine. I also put red around the nose to cover up all the excess … Continue reading »

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FlyCamOne, RSA and Baylands

I velcroed the FlyCamOne to the belly of the Fik100 this morning and took my first aerial videos. The videos were a bit blurry from the vibration of the motor, and the low light due to cloudy skies didn’t produce the best pictures. I’ll have to do some gliding with the Fik 100 on a … Continue reading »

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