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Season Finale of The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Posted by on May 24, 2009

The season finale of season 2 of The Sarah Connor Chronicles had two memorable scenes for me which involved John Connor. The first scene was John’s intimate scene with Cameron. The setup of Cameron taking off her top and bra so that John can find out more about her played with the cliches of coming of age stories which fit the plot of the story rather than being merely gratuitous. The second scene where John is thrown into the future and sees both his uncle and brother leaves one wondering how the time continuum will be dealt with in future episodes… which will now never come to be. I started writing this review right after I saw the last episode of season two of TSCC, but now the show has been cancelled. There were some bad episodes, but overall, I liked the actors Lena Headey, Summer Glau, Thomas Dekker and even Brian Austin Green. The two actors I found somewhat annoying were Leven Rambin and Richard T. Jones. Leven seemed to whine too much and Jones was too stiff and introspective. Garret Dillahunt made a great transformation from his shify loser role in Deadwood, and one could believe Shirley Manson as a tech CEO and a T-1000. I hope to see Headey, Glau, and Dekker in future roles and stories that have a longer run time.