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Monthly Archives: August 2008 Portfolio “Upgrade”

Link via Quicken Community I posted on this thread on post 25: I have to chime in on the discord regarding the Brainiac decision to remove the one page overview of one’s portfolio. This was a quick and easy way to review holdings over multiple accounts, and now it’s gone! Please bring it back or … Continue reading »

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You’re fatally flawed, but you have a heart

That’s how Hank’s daughter describes him in the final episode of Season 1 of Californication, and that’s a big reason why I love watching the train wreck of his life.

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Who is this person in the “Mojave Experiment”?!

The whole premise of the “Mojave Experiment” is flawed since if something’s really good, why do you have to pretend it’s something else?! To make it even worse, they keep showing this goofy looking person in all their online ads! Yeah, that really makes me want to check out the “Mojave Experiment”. Not. I think … Continue reading »

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A flying lamprey

This plane is inexpensive at $29.99 and looks like it’s fun to fly, but it looks like a flying lamprey to me:

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EPP EAGLE THE RC RAPTOR – Another Cool Plane

The EPP EAGLE is another very unique design that I’m interested in eventually buying. There are hawks all the time at the flying fields I frequent, and it would be great to see how they react to the EPP Eagle. In addition to the LightFlite Twirl, this is one of those strange designs that would … Continue reading »

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Dick-punched by Californication

I watched the first half of the season 1 of Californication yesterday night, and I found it very entertaining. Jennifer found it less so, but I can understand that given the frankness and “depravity” of the subject material. There are so many beautiful topless women in that show that one grows desensitized. The wastrel life … Continue reading »

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Disable Java to play YouTube in Firefox

I found out today that the reason why YouTube videos were stalling after a few seconds in Firefox was because of Java. I disabled Java within Firefox, restarted Firefox, and YouTube videos are now playing without any problem. I don’t use Java much with the websites I visit so it’s no big loss. Some more … Continue reading »

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Beijing Olympics 2008: Gimme Track and Field!!!!

I am so sick of seeing those two women volleyball players frolicking in the sand and Michael Phelps jumping up and down. GIMME MY GODDAMN TRACK AND FIELD!!!

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Coated Cox Christen Eagle with Varathane

The Cox Christen Eagle was very easy to put together two nights ago with the engine and most of the control hardware already mounted. The only thing I really had to do was to install the 3 servos. I’ve read on a post that it’s suggested to put 2 servors in for the ailerons for … Continue reading »

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Stevens Aero Stik folds in spiral dive

I had my Stevens Aero Stik all dialed in, and I was having a lot of fun showing the family unpowered spiral dives. I should have realized this maneuver puts a lot of stress on an airframe, and the wing folded and collapsed during a spiral dive. It’s funny that my daughter thought I caused … Continue reading »

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