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Ray Bradbury – Bicycle Rider

Link via LA Times Though he didn’t drive, Bradbury could often be spotted out and about Los Angeles. A familiar figure with a wind-blown mane of white hair and heavy black-framed glasses, he’d browse the stacks of libraries and bookstores, his bicycle leaning against a store front or pole just outside. My favorite Bradbury short … Continue reading »

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Keeping my bike secure.

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Time to stop and appreciate a rainbow

It’s a lot easier to stop and appreciate a rainbow when you commute by bike.

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Techies on the cutting edge… of bike commuting | Marketplace from American Public Media

I greatly appreciate it that I have a relatively car-free commute to work on the Stevens Creek Trail. I expect to see a lot more bikes once Google moves into Netscape’s old offices. Hopefully, that will clear up some of the congestion I see on 85 and 237 when I ride to work. Techies on … Continue reading »

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“No, retard!”

Rang bell coming up on couple on the Stevens Creek Trail. Guy starts moving to the left intentionally GETTING IN MY WAY. Girlfriend grabs him and pulls him over and says, “No, retard! Why would you want to push someone over on his bike?!”

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Warm and dry toes with bicycling shoe toe covers

Toes are drier and warmer with these toe covers. Hope we get a bit more rain this season. I like the large opening on the bottom which provides ample clearance for the tread and cleats.

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Strap-Ons for All

I already have two strap-ons. Maybe I’ll get a larger one. Who was the genius who wrote the ad copy, “Please, we’re begging you to strap it on.”

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Riding in the “Long Rain”

I rode to work Monday through through Thursday. On Wednesday night, I heard a loud scraping sound coming from my front brakes, and I thought a pebble had become embedded in the grooves of my brakes. It turned out my front left brake was worn through to its left metal mount. The spare brakes I … Continue reading »

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Rode to Mountain View Boat House and back

First time E rode his 20″ and A rode her 24″ on the Stevens Creek Trail to the MV Boat House and back. E got pretty muddy on his offroad excursions. We made very good time with lack of wind and bigger bikes.

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Purchased 24″ Hotrock for Ally

Purchased a 24″ Hotrock for Ally at Mike’s Bikes in Palo Alto last Saturday. It was nice of them to include a kickstand. I’ll have to angle the brakes down a little. Ally looks like she fits the bike well, and Toshi also had fun riding it on Sunday.

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