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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Missing ifstate file caused twiki debian virtual appliance not to boot up in VMware

After a reboot of VMware, the twiki debian virtual appliance wouldn’t come up for me. After a lot of research and troubleshooting, I found out that the ifstate file at /etc/network/run/ifstate was corrupted or missing. After adding recreating the file and adding the two lines: lo=lo eth0=eth0 the virtual appliance booted up without a problem. … Continue reading »

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Use QAM Remap to set up HDHomerun for Beyond TV 4.9

Beyond TV stopped recording for me last week, and I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t bringing in any channels. The Beyond TV 4.9 upgrade seemed to go smoothly, but then it suddenly stopped tuning. I went through a lot of reinstalls of both HDHomerun and Beyond TV, but the channel tuning still wasn’t working. … Continue reading »

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Using GWS Rubber Propeller Adapters as a Wheel Collar

I’ve started using GWS Rubber Propeller Adapters as a wheel collar since they seem to do a good job of keeping wheels on the landing gear, are relatively light, and are easy to install. I had no idea what the part was when it arrived with my Slow Stick kit, and it was only later … Continue reading »

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Apple using H.264 codec to play YouTube videos

Much has been made of the fact that Flash won’t work on the iPhone or iPod Touch. I was wondering how these two devices were playing YouTube videos since YouTube uses Flash technology to display videos on personal computers. After some googling, it turns out Google also converts uploaded video to the H.264 codec in … Continue reading »

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