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Ray Bradbury – Bicycle Rider

Link via LA Times Though he didn’t drive, Bradbury could often be spotted out and about Los Angeles. A familiar figure with a wind-blown mane of white hair and heavy black-framed glasses, he’d browse the stacks of libraries and bookstores, his bicycle leaning against a store front or pole just outside. My favorite Bradbury short … Continue reading »

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Thumbs up for Jennifer Lawrence playing Katniss Everdeen after watching Winter’s Bone

I was very interested in watching Winter’s Bone after reading that Jennifer Lawrence was cast to play Katniss Everdeen in the movie adaptation of the Hunger Games. When I first heard of the casting choice, I was somewhat disappointed that a blonde, fair-skinned actress had been cast to play a character described in the book … Continue reading »

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Rereading The Man in the High Castle

The first time I read Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle was back in high school before the first movie based on Dick’s works, Bladerunner, came out. With the recent publication of his third wife’s memoirs during the period when he wrote The Man in the High Castle and the announcement that … Continue reading »

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Reading Sandkings on Kindle for PC

I started reading Sandkings on Kindle for PC for the kids last night. Both kids were really wrapped in the story, and I’ll try to finish the other half tonight. It is nice to be able to purchase a book and easily access and read it on my iPod Touch and PC. Just a warning … Continue reading »

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The Road

I started reading Cormac McCarthy’s The Road last night, and I should be done with it later on today. I was expecting an extended opus like Stephen King’s The Stand based on reviews I had read about the novel, but I think I had this misconception because the reviewers kept mentioning the sisyphean drudgery of … Continue reading »

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