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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Postini Google Message Security Rocks!

I’ve spent so many hours trying to optimize different mail servers over the years to rid myself and my employees of spam. I always hoped for a holy grail to provide a very effective filter against spam, but nothing ever really worked. This morning I switched our spam and virus filtering over to Postini/Google Message … Continue reading »

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Coder’s Half-Million-Dollar Baby Proves iPhone Gold Rush Is Still On

Link via Apple’s iPhone application store is as crowded as a Beyonce concert, with more than 20,000 apps available. But one independent developer still managed to rake in $600,000 in a single month with a single iPhone game. Ethan Nicholas, developer of a tank artillery game called iShoot, told he quit his job … Continue reading »

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Lose 5 pounds and I get a new plane!

Because of this NY Times article, Dieting? Put Your Money Where Your Fat Is, I’ve made a vow not to purchase a new RC plane until I’m 5 pounds less than my present weight for at least a week (this is to prevent low readings from loss of water). In the article, they say placing … Continue reading »

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Buddy Box with the Pitts S2 Trainer

I put my 5-year old on a buddy box with my MS Composit Pitts S2 Biplane yesterday since I’m pretty familiar with how it handles. He had a great time doing loops, but we packed up pretty early since it was getting pretty windy. I’ll have to teach him how to do rolls and basic … Continue reading »

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There’s a giant hedgehog on the plane!

My favorite new show is Fringe, and one of the best parts of the show so far is the lead-in. There’s always some goretastic premise that sucks you in, and this week, an airplane passenger turns into a crazed giant hedgehog.

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Motorola Surfboard SB5101 and Comcast

The main reason I purchased the Motorola Surfboard SB5101 was because I kept getting “connection lost” while playing Horde mode on public XBox Live. There is nothing more frustrating than progressing many levels on Horde mode and then suddenly losing connection to the game. My other Internet services were all working fine, but I decided … Continue reading »

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Gore Windstopper really blocks the wind

It’s been in the low to mid-40s when I ride to work this morning. I’ve been wearing a jersey, light-weight thermal top, and a light windbreaker jacket or vest. This kept me warm, but I could still feel the wind go through all my layers. Yesterday, I wore a jersey, arm warmers and a vest … Continue reading »

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