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Monthly Archives: April 2008

FIK 100 and Pico Stick updates

First of all, I’m giving up on the Pico Stick. The main reason is that it takes forever for that plane to turn. I know I could put dihedral into the wings, but other problem with the plane is that it’s so delicate and light. It was fun flying it as a “floater” plane, but … Continue reading »

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Major wreckage this weekend

On Friday, I was excited to fly my FIK 100 at Rancho San Antonio. Unfortunately, after a successful takeoff, the prop saver flew off, and the FIK 100 nosedived, and the front end broke off once again. I then tried to fly the Pico Stick, bt the prop saver flew off that plane too. I … Continue reading »

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Successful FIK 100 Flight!

I finally had a successful take-off and short flight with the FIK 100 this morning using the baseball field at the local park as the landing field. My initial try broke the propeller since I’ve been using the right stick for rudder control, but on the FIK 100, I have to use the left stick, … Continue reading »

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Updated to WordPress 2.5

I updated my personal and company blog to WordPress 2.5. I like how media is managed in that you can see a list of thumbnails and titles along with searching for a specific media file. All the plug-ins I was using also see to work without any problem. Previously, some plug-ins were causing the plug-in … Continue reading »

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Citrus trees planted past weekend

Rangpur Lime – very nice tart taste. Nagami Kumquat – Evan wanted this – I’m not a kumquat fan. They’re too small for my tastes. Kinnow Tangerine – A lot of seeds, but not a bad taste.

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