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Monthly Archives: August 2005

The Situation We Got Ourselves Into…

From the New York Times: President Bush alluded to the energy situation today during a appearance in El Mirage, Ariz., where he was speaking on Medicare. “You just got to understand that the situation we got ourselves into, dependency on foreign sources of oil, took a while to get there, and it’s going to take … Continue reading »

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Nike Air Zoom Vapor Plus

I ran in the Air Zoom Vapor Plus yesterday for the first time, and I liked the feel of the Caged Air Zoom cushioning in the heel. I was a little concerned since I’ve always like the ride of the full length air cushioning in the Nike Air Skylon, and the cushioning of the Air … Continue reading »

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Lance on Larry King

Two things after watching the Larry King Show with Lance Armstrong regarding the recent allegations of 1999 urine samples testing positive for EPO. If Lance is lying, he should go into politics. He put on a pretty convincing performance regarding his innocence on Larry King. Too bad we don’t have Deckard around to give Lance … Continue reading »

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5 port Airlink Gigabit switch

My brother and I purchased four (limit two to a customer) 5 port Airlink Gigabit switches yesterday for only $19.99 at Fry’s. I’m just amazed you can get a Gigabit switch for under $20 these days. According to the AMUG review, a gigabit connection is faster than Firewire 800 on a Mac. I’ve also ordered … Continue reading »

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Still sore

After riding to the top of Mount Hamilton on Saturday and running the Stanford Dish on Monday, I still felt sore when I woke up this morning. I think I need to give my aging body another day of rest. Yesterday, my left arch hurt the whole day, and this morning, my shoulders were sore.

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Shimano 7800 pedals and SH-R215 shoes

I rode 15 miles yesterday with my new Shimano 7800 pedals and SH-R215 shoes, and where this pedal/shoe combination really shines is on the steeper hills where I’m out of my saddle. I feel a lot more power being transmitted to the drivetrain, and I’m in one higher gear than normal on the steep sections. … Continue reading »

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Intelligent Design

My dear daughter starts her first day of kindergarten next Tuesday. I am so happy we don’t live in an area where people are trying to push intelligent design to be taught beside evolution. In the 80s, there were those that tried to push a similar agenda in the classroom with the teaching of creationism. … Continue reading »

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Mistakes led to tube shooting (execution more like it)

The stories Mistakes Led to Tube Shooting and Leak disputes Menezes death story are very disturbing considering the first news reports said that Jean Charles De Menezes was running and wearing a heavy overcoat when he was shot seven times in the head and once in the shoulder. It appears now that De Menezes was … Continue reading »

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Shimano 7800 pedals

I bought some Shimano Dura-Ace 7800 pedals, and the pedals are a lot smaller and lighter than the red Look pedals I purchased 10 years ago. The axle bearings seem to very smooth, and Iím looking forward to receiving my Shimano R-215 shoes to use with the pedals. I keep putting off putting on the … Continue reading »

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Illusion lost at in Over There pilot

My sense of illusion was lost when a old Huey picked up the soldier who had just lost his leg from an IED at the end of the pilot episode of Over There. The pickup would have been with a Blackhawk, not a Huey, but perhaps the budget isn’t big enough or there are no … Continue reading »

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