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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Death Proof – that was Buellton, California, not Lebanon, Tennessee

Talkatalkatalk – no one does it better than Quentin Tarantino. In addition to the inimitable banter of his characters, the over the top action, especially the last 30 seconds of the movie, left me with the biggest smile in a long time. Whether it was the short grass, rolling hills or just the color of … Continue reading »

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Summer Glau – Even a Terminator can dance

It was funny to see how the writers incorporated Summer Glau’s ballet dancing background into her role as a Terminator in the show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It turns out that Cameron (Summer Glau’s character) has to track down a Russian who took the Turk, and it just so happens his sister is a … Continue reading »

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AUW stands for All Up Weight. The acronym of the day which stands for the total weight of an rc aircraft. For real gliders, according to this site: All-up flying weight is the weight of the Pilot plus all the equipment including the glider. The best way to find it is to stand on the … Continue reading »

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Update on MacBook and MacBook Pro

There were speed bumps with the MacBook and MacBook Pro today. I really like the new 2.4 GHz 15″ entry level MacBook Pro. With 2 Gb of RAM, it should be fine for all my needs.

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Cooked baby back ribs on the grill

I cooked two racks of baby back ribs that I bought from the farmer’s market on the grill tonight. It only took a little over an hour on low heat with the ribs between the two burners. I wish there had been more meat on the ribs since Ally, Jen and I quickly ate the … Continue reading »

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Moved Silicon Valley Days blog to faster server

I moved the Silicon Valley Days blog to a faster server since the old one was such a dog in terms of posting new stuff. It was pretty easy to do with the backup plug-in and phpmyadmin.

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Bought a 7.62 mm ammo box

Over the weekend, I purchased a 7.62 mm ammo box from the local military surplus store. The price was only $3.99 since the box was a little bit rusty and dented. It’s the perfect size for my 12 volt charging battery, and all my other batteries. The dent is even nice because it’s a vent … Continue reading »

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Built GWS Pico Stick with Brushless Power from M-A-E

I built the GWS Pico Stick with Brushless Power from M-A-E, and I used Sumo Glue instead of hot melt glue where needed. The Sumo Glue tends to be a lot more stronger and pliable than the hot melt glue, and I also have more time to correct the placement of pieces. I also like … Continue reading »

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Stormy Weather

It’s been raining a lot lately with high winds. Last weekend was very mild, and I had so much fun flying an Air Hogs You Build It with Evan, I decided to order the Pico Stick kit from Model Airplane Engineering. This weekend is great for flying a kite, but the high winds would just … Continue reading »

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LightFlite Twirl NEW “TWIRL” E-Fest Video! The Twirl autogyro is set to ship in March. This is one very cool plane. There’s something so strange and fascinating about autogyros. It’s cool to see how it floats down after a stall.

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