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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Drive Technology Advances

I just bought 2 Seagate 500Gb drives at $59.99 each with free shipping from Newegg. These are one platter drives, whereas in 2006 when the first 500s were out, the Hitachi used 5 platters and the Seagate used 4 platters.

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Taiwanese Bicycle Manufacturers doing well.

It’s good to hear that at least one “green” industry is doing well these days: Link via Bicycle Retailer News One factor that has kept Taiwan factories humming is the island nation’s surprisingly strong domestic market. Until recently, Taiwan residents have never taken to cycling for recreation despite their country’s reputation as the world’s source … Continue reading »

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Ordered a Dell Mini 9N for $199

I ordered a Dell Mini 9N for $199 yesterday which was $50 off the normal price of $249. I’ve been looking for a netbook I can use for casual browsing around the house, and this was the best price I’ve seen for this size. It runs Ubuntu, and I’ll see how the 512 Mb of … Continue reading »

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Using TimeLeft to remind me to work out every hour

I’m using TimeLeft to remind me to do pushups or pullups every hour.

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Internet Explorer 8: Released today

Link via Microsoft Chrome has been fast, but it doesn’t have a master password. I’m using Firefox right now as my default browser, but this is probably worth taking a look – even if only to see how it renders certain pages.

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Link via I’ve previously used Apple’s suggested method of cleaning a trackball by holding it upside down and pressing hard on the ball, but the dirt and grease had built up on the ball to a point where this method didn’t work anymore. From the link above, I found out the idea of using … Continue reading »

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Ran Hetch Hetchy and Stevens Creek Trail today

I ran the Hetch Hetchy and Stevens Creek Trail today after work. I felt a bit sluggish at the beginning, but I loosened up after a mile. The breeze blowing against me on the way out was refreshing, but my feet started to hurt on the way back, and I walked/ran the last half mile. … Continue reading »

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Script to check whether IPNetSentryX process is running on Macintosh OS X

I recently installed IPNetSentryX on our Macintosh OS X 10.4.11 webserver in order to filter out abusive IPs. In order to make sure this firewall is running all the time, here’s a script I’m calling every minute via cron: # check daemon ps ax | grep -v grep | grep IPNetSentryX # if not found … Continue reading »

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War Machine by Evan

War Machine by Evan

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