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NASCAR tactics at the Zimbabwe Run

Posted by on April 6, 2009

Coming up on the half-mile mark of A’s one mile race yesterday, both J and I noticed this girl in front of A who kept cutting her off every time A tried to pass her. I saw it happen 2 or 3 times where this girl would look over her shoulder as A came up on her and then move right in front of her. I was getting a bit pissed and started running toward A so I could encourage her to sprint past this girl, but then this girl just suddenly stopped and started walking at the half mile mark. I guess my voodoo psychic powers are coming back. I’m still kind of shocked a 3rd or 4th grade girl would resort to these type of tactics.

E did well in his race. He was at the back of the pack in the beginning of the run, and he even had a little tumble at the turn, but he ended up finishing up in the top 10 while A got 11th.