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Photos: Bat plane to spy for U.S. Army | CNET

Posted by on March 15, 2008

Photos: Bat plane to spy for U.S. Army | CNET

Bat Plane The U.S. Army wants a 6-inch spy plane that will gather data on sights, sounds, and smells in urban combat areas.It has given the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering $10 million and five years to help make “the bat” plane happen.

Researchers plan to equip the plane with tiny cameras for stereo vision, directional microphones, and devices that detect nuclear radiation and poisonous gas.

Credit: Eric Maslowski, research computer specialist, University of Michigan 3D Lab

Call me a cynic, but based on this mock up of the bat, I think the team working on the bat will spend $9,999,900 on keggers and then buy a micro rc plane 5 years from now from Target and make it look like a bat.