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Turkey day was a great day…

Posted by on November 23, 2007

for riding! At noon, I started a ride that went up Old La Honda, south on Skyline, and then down Pagemill. I’ve never seen Portola Road so quiet in the middle of the day. It felt like I was riding a quiet country road up in Napa. At the top of Old La Honda, I saw one of the mailboxes had been knocked off its post. I wonder what the farthest distance an Old La Honda resident has to go to get the mail. I noticed a road named “Upenuf” for the first time on the way up Old La Honda. Riding on Skyline provided great views of the valley and the ocean. I didn’t realize the amount of climbing from Old La Honda to Pagemill since I’m usually riding north on Skyline and not really noticing the descent. My reverie was occasionally interrupted by the buzzing of motorcycles. Perhaps in a few decades, they’ll have electric motors which will be a lot quieter.