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Sally Hawkins is a goofy Kate Beckinsale

Posted by on September 20, 2011

I saw Happy-Go-Lucky earlier this week, and I felt it was a good indie movie that didn’t wear itself thin. Sally Hawkins has a goofy and gawky charm which makes her more endearing than Kate Beckinsale with her more refined manner and features, but they look so much alike that they could easily be sisters. I had seen the character actor Eddie Marsan in previous movies, but he was stupendous as the driving instructor in the movie. His final scene with Sally Hawkins feels so real in its pain. The true star of the movie though was the cinematography of Hawkins and Marsan while they’re driving in a car. While I was watching the film I felt like the car wasn’t some fake rig that they really weren’t driving, and it turns out from the movie extras that the actors really were driving the car, but with some serious hardware comprised of multiple cameras, recorders and batteries to capture everything going on in the car. I was most impressed with how their dialog flowed with the traffic. I wonder how many takes they did with some of the driving scenes.