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2 Gb – the new memory standard

Posted by on February 22, 2006

A Look At AMD’s Socket AM2 Platform | Tom’s Hardware

RAM Needed!

Most computers today are equipped with 512 MB or 1 GB of memory. While a gigabyte still seems to be fairly enough, we predict that 2 GB will be the reasonable minimum for those who want to do more than just occasional gaming or browsing the Internet by the end of this year. This not only applies to particular applications and their increasing demands for RAM (let’s not forget Microsoft Windows Vista either) but will be the consequence of changing user behavior as well. Dual and multi core processors provide enough performance to process multiple tasks simultaneously, and they help to eliminate annoying system delays even with more and more services running in the background. So why should users think of shutting down demanding applications before launching other programs?

They won’t! A few weeks ago I caught myself running a multitude of programs on my desktop PC. This is something I would not have done two years ago, because system responsiveness would have been poor. Thanks to the dual core processor there is enough performance to run and switch tasks, and 2 GB or of more system memory makes sure application data does not get swapped to the hard drive.

The new work PC I’m building has 2 Gb (2×1 Gb) of RAM. I think this will be the new business standard for those who have multiple apps open during the day.